Our History

Pan de Vida was created in response to a need in the community.  Its beginning evolved into a formal  501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates in Maricopa and Pinal Counties.  Pan de Vida developed several programs since its inception. Programs and supports include providing five hundred boys who reside in the Town of Queen Creek with football jerseys and equipment. and creating Health Fairs and Health Clinics that service over 150 Families in the East Valley Area with the Volunteer Support of Five Physicians.

Mary Gloria founded Pan De Vida Foundation in 2003.  Mary has devoted her life to community service and was honored for her incredible work in 2005 by receiving the prestigious Hon Kachina Award, along with being recognized as the 2003 Town of Queen Creek Woman Volunteer of the Year. Other honors include the nomination for the 2005 Queen Creek Woman of the Year Awards, 2004 Cardinals Community Quarterback Finalist Award, and the 2008 Valle de Sol, HLI Alumni Excellence Award.

Previous Programs and Collaborations

In 2003, the initiation of Pan de Vida Foundation was to provide a safe and social community for the aging seniors in the community. A year later, in 2004, Pan De Vida met its goal with the support and partnership with the Town of Queen Creek, which provided a meeting site for a senior program to facilitate their weekly meeting which has continued through the years and is now managed by the Town of Queen Creek.  

Since 2010, Pan De Vida gained some notoriety in the community after helping to restore the neighborhood. After the recession,  a home developer left a number of homes in the area unfinished which lead to the abandoned homes which became drug houses, unsanitary streets filled with trash, and nowhere for drainage to be disposed of safely, which kids were playing in the unsafe and wastewater. Pan De Vida, with the support of volunteers and surrounding communities, cleaned up 85,000 pounds of trash, collected from the community and illegal dumping. Today, the community is safe, has street lights and paved streets, and proper drainage.