Sponsors & Volunteers

Pan De Vida Volunteers 2022

Would you like to make a Donation to help Pan de Vida reach our goals to break ground and start the development of our community center?… would a tax deduction for your business help us, and help you come tax season? YES!

Donations to Pan de Vida are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Pan de Vida outreach is far and we help many individuals and families with the donations we receive.

Pan de Vida is currently seeking donations and support from the community and local businesses to take pride in the community and to help us provide to onward and forward looking support to the community in need. Pan De Vida now have the land, various donations for support, and yet, we lack the financial support needed to break ground for our future vision and the mission of Pan de Vida. All donations of any size are greatly appreciated to reach our goals of build our community center for the individuals and families that are in need of our services and community support.

Interested in Volunteering?

Please provide your contact information in the fields below and a member of our organization will contact you with information about our volunteer opportunities.

Pan De Vida volunteers come from within and outside our service area.  Many individuals donate hours of valuable time, donations of money, and or food. Volunteers help us impact our communities with the expertise and knowledge they bring to our organization. Please provide see the variety of projects below, contact Mary.Gloria@pandevida.tv if you would like to help us make a positive impact in the community!

Below are some of our Pan de Vida Volunteer needs:

  1. Contact fast-food restaurants to obtain food coupons and free merchandise.
  2. Contact businesses to set up food boxes with retailers for the purpose of collecting food.
  3. Contact companies, retailers, and other members of our community to form a partnership with our Foundation.
  4. Vendors Volunteer to hand out Pan de Vida information at public events.
  5. Holiday Parade Float Decoration and Participation Volunteers.
  6. Assist with the Affordable Christmas Program
  7. Write and mail holiday cards.
  8. Grant writing.
  9. PR Volunteer to contact newspapers, radio, and media to promote our events.
  10. Volunteer to contact health entities to form partnerships.
  11. Clerical and Office Administration Duties.