The Foundation provides direct service to community residents through its programs, services, collaborations, and partnerships with local government and area businesses.

The Family Explorer Club

Pan De Vida Foundation provides Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area underserved and unserved children and their families with the opportunity for monthly, free, or low-cost activities which promote health and wellness, focusing on physical activity and fitness.

Pan De Vida is reaching out to approximately 50 local unserved and underserved, at-risk teens, children, and their families.  Our program is focused to bring awareness and education of health and fitness activities in a safe and fun environment.  The activities provided will help cultivate an environment to foster familial relations and help keep at-risk children involved with new positive experiences. Pan De Vida will partner with other support organizations i.e., San Tan Mountain Region park, YMCA, American Legion Post, etc. so families can benefit from established programs and help keep program costs participation at the least minimum costs.

To participate, registration is required to take part in the Family Explorers Club, please call 480-688-6326 for more information.

If your business or group is interested in sponsoring an activity, please contact We appreciate your support!


In 2007, Pan de Vida Foundation started its’ “College Scholarship 4 Girls” Program. The scholarships are awarded to two qualifying young ladies, who are Queen Creek High School graduates, with a “C” grade or above and are currently involved in community work.  To submit your application for consideration, for our scholarships, please contact upon graduating from Queen Creek High School.

Mujeres Program

The Mujeres Program offers women in the community an opportunity to share with each other, and the organization provides information and awareness on services and support for the betterment of themselves and their families. Weekly meetings vary from health knowledge to sharing cooking recipes. The program is helpful for newcomers in the community and for women searching for support and or referrals to resources.

Affordable Christmas Program

Pan De Vida offers the Affordable Christmas Program. The program is designed to meet low-income families’ budgets by offering toys at a fraction of its costs to meet families’ holiday budgets. Pan De Vida realizes the holidays can be a financial hardship for some families. It recognizes the need in the community, therefore it offers families support during the joyous season of the year! Parents/Caregivers can still shop for a gift for their child(ren)without causing financial hardship. The idea is fun since the setup of the program allows for parents/caregivers to still have a shopping experience and select toys they know would be a joy for their child(ren) to open at Christmas.

The Pan De Vida Affordable Christmas Program provides food and gifts to the underserved and unserved families in our community during the holiday season. To learn more, please contact

Our Affordable Christmas Program is made possible through the generosity of the community and local churches. Thank You to our supporters who help families in time of need.  If your business or group is interested in sponsoring or donating toys to our Affordable Christmas Program, please contact We appreciate your support!